Here are the recognition programs that PSMHS has had in the past or currently has.

Honorary Life Members

 There have been 51 winners selected between 1949 and 1999 (chronological and alphabetical lists attached HERE)

Maritime Heritage Medal of Merit

Background: The Maritime Heritage Medal of Merit award, first presented in 2008, is a continuation and enhancement of the Society’s earlier Honorary Life Member award program, although Medal of Merit winners do not receive honorary life memberships.

Objective: The new Medal of Merit awards program, like the Honorary Life Member program before it, honors individuals who have made major contributions to the preservation and promotion of the maritime history of Puget Sound or rendered distinguished service to the Society.

Eligibility: Any qualified individual, Society member or non-member, is eligible to receive this award unless already a past recipient of the Medal of Merit or Honorary Life Member awards. Once recognized, winners are ineligible to win in subsequent years. In addition, any individual serving on the Awards or Selection Committees is ineligible while on those committees.

Number of Awards: Although the five founders (one living and four deceased) of PSMHS were honored during the first year of the awards (2008), no more than one person will be honored in any subsequent year.

Award Winners Awards Committee Co-Chairs:


Austen Hemion

  Jim Gibbs

Bob Leithead

  Tom Sandry

Joe Williamson


Ralph J Staehli, Jr.


Jack Carver


Ron and Connie Burke


Jim McCurdy


Leonard Garfield

2014 Chuck Fowler

John Kelley

·George Osborn    253-759-0146

Pat Hartle      206-938-2397


Volunteer of the Year

Objective: The Volunteer of the Year award, first presented in 2009, recognizes Society members who have made significant volunteer contributions to the Society. It honors individuals who do the behind-the-scenes work that keeps the Society functioning on a day-to-day basis.

Eligibility and Selection: Any current or past society member is eligible to receive this award unless already honored with this award in a previous year. The Society President will select the winner.

Number of Awards: No more than one person will be honored in a single year.   

Award Winners:
      2009    Pat Hartle       2011 John Kelly            2013 Karl House               2015 Paul Marlow
      2010    Carol Greene  2012 Judy Kebbekus    2014 Dick Vanderpool


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